The History of Our Company

Over 30 Years of Operation

Once established in the Chicago market, Marble Emporium grew at a steady pace over the years, from its humble beginnings at the near north, Wells Street showroom and its Lake Street warehouse space, into the privately owned 16th Street location the company occupied in 1989. By the fall of 2004, Marble Emporium moved it’s entire operation – factory, warehouse, and main showroom – to our current North Shore location at 2200 Carlson Drive in Northbrook, Illinois.

By 2008, Marble Emporium, Inc. became the 12th fabricator in the United States and the first ever in the Midwest to become accredited by the Marble Institute of America (MIA).

Quality and dedicated service continue to be the foundation of our continued growth and placement into the leading position of our field. Our people at Marble Emporium continue to be at the core of this strength and remain to be one of the main foundations for on-going relationships with homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors. Our policy to follow-up with every installation enables us to receive critical feedback which allows us to continuously improve. Having a 25 year presence means that thousands of our projects can be found throughout the country and especially in the Chicago-land area from North Shore residences and Gold Coast high rises to commercial developments. We collaborate with top interior designers and architects, custom home builders and developers and of course with the individual home owner.